04 Mar

London sings tooth ache tooth ache go away

We know you love to eat those mouth-watering delicacies and how can we forget those simply irresistible chocolates? Many of you smoke and drink as well. However, do you know, if you do not take care of your teeth, your teeth will begin to fall off way early than they are supposed to, decay, have cavities and have painful toothaches. We are sure you would not want anything like that to happen so that you might be restricted to eat your favourite chocolates! This is why you should take care of your teeth, just like your looks! A sparkling smile will give you that perfect look ain’t it?
A Dentist from London city gives these handy tips to help your retain healthy teeth
• You should use soft bristles toothbrush and replace the old one with a new one every three months.
• Toothpastes with fluoride protect your teeth from cavities and make them stronger.
• Brush your teeth twice a day to break down maximum plaque.
• Flossing your teeth will keep them healthy.
• Mouthwash with fluoride will strengthen your teeth enamel.
• A tongue cleaner will scrap plaque on your tongue, reducing plaque accumulation on your teeth and will refresh your breath.
• Spend at least three minutes in brushing your teeth and not just the teeth in the front, but also at the back and the sides.
These are a few basic tips that will help you keep your teeth healthy and strong. Visit your dentist twice a year, eat a lot of vegetable and fruits, and drink lots of water. A healthy diet will help you keep your teeth clean and sparkling white. You will not be hesitant to flashing your best smile to the person passing by you in city of London!