08 Mar

London smile month

The National smile month for the year 2008 starts from May 18 to June 17. By organizing an event in National smile month gives oral health information to the patients, dental students and the workforce.
At the 143rd Annual Chicago Dental society midwinter meeting held on 28-02-2008, Nobel Biocare announced new advances in strength, fitness and beauty of dental restoration using CAD/CAM techniques.
Recent studies confirms the effectiveness of the fluoride which contains varnish fluor protector from Ivoclar vivadent against the acid present in soft drinks, Alcohol pop and preserved fruit juices They do harm teeth be it children or adults. The fluor protector serves as a shield against any untoward teeth erosion and guards the teeth from damage.
There are studies that show dental problems relating to malignancies as well, more so in women, who suffer from cervical and ovarian cancers show some dental ailments as well. While in another study, it was concluded that people who had lot of dental-related worries were less likely to conceive given information correctly than those people who are free of dental problems.
One of the researches performed by the department of periodontology at the University of Copenhagen relates gum disease and diabetes. Another study performed by the University of California found that gum disease might contribute to clog of the carotid arteries that might result in a stroke.
“When you notice a change in your teeth or gums, the first thing you should do is visit a dentist, he is your teeth’s best friend,” remarks an expert dentist here at London.