11 May

London treatment for dental emergencies

Have you developed a sudden, “ooh, ah ouch”? It can happen to any one, at a wedding, during your honeymoon, at picnics or late at night! Imagine a sore throbbing ball of pain vibrating your teeth and your head with no recourse for relief! It’s too late to find a local London dentist and you don’t have any medication! What can you do?Dental pain can be severe and crippling and you do need to get yourself checked as soon as possible but here are a few tips for you to follow when you can’t find a darned dentist nearby.
• Most toothaches are caused by retained food debris. Swish a little warm water around your mouth to dislodge the debris and you could get a little relief.
• Alternatively soak a little yarrow in a teaspoon of warm water and soak a pad of cotton in the place the cotton pad against the sore tooth.
• You can try common painkillers like acetaminophen or mefenamic acid to soothe toothache but you need to find specific doses and these are not indicated in pregnant women and people with allergies. You can also try local anesthetic gels like ORAGEL to soothe local area but the amount of relief you get is really variable.
Please do remember that the more the tooth aches before you visit the dentist the more difficult it gets for the dentist to treat.