13 Jul

London Veneers 1 Brace 0

If you are unfortunate enough to have had your teeth grow crooked in London, you will be conscious of the way you look and it can tamper with the way you express yourself when you are in the public eye. Braces are the more common way of overcoming this and though not to impugn the brilliant way in which they work, they take a darn long time to straighten your teeth up; anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. There is another way though; much faster, much slicker and a lot cheaper- veneers. Now there has been a bit of an issue about this method in dental circles because it can, in some cases, involve grinding away a lot of the teeth beforehand in order that the veneers can be fitted. However, there is one massive advantage to this way and that is the timescale involved. Once the crookedness has been shaved away and flattened, then a cast can be made up in order to produce the veneers. Once they are ready to go, it’s a case of just cementing them over the surfaces of the readied teeth and you have suddenly got a remarkable flat and beautiful smile….in just a couple of weeks!