08 Mar

London & Wisdom

There was a time when grandparents said that if you were a proud owner of the sets of wisdom teeth, you would have been wise. If you do no have wisdom teeth, you are not wise yet. As the name goes, being wise lays in the beholder of the wisdom teeth. But medical science has a different meaning for wisdom teeth and the doctors of London offer a solution to soothe the pain due to wisdom tooth eruption.
The set of third molar teeth is called wisdom teeth, which are the last set of teeth that grow between seventeen and twenty five years of age. These days, people are born with smaller jaws providing a room for twenty-eight teeth only. Therefore, there might not be enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt even. And if at all they do, they are really painful. In case there is enough room; they will erupt in the right position. But this pain is only temporary.
If you do not have enough room for the eruption of wisdom teeth, you might have impacted wisdom teeth. This happens when the wisdom teeth begin to erupt at an angle due to lack of room and results in a lot of pain and discomfort. It additionally leads to other infections with the food particles getting stuck in those jammed areas resulting in further swelling as well as pain. The only option left would be to visit a dentist and getting it corrected but not before clearing the infection.
To reduce the discomfort and pain, mouthwash with lukewarm water with a little bit of salt in it. This will reduce inflammation, pain and gum soreness. You can also use an antibacterial mouthwash to reduce that inflammation in your mouth. After all even you would want to be wise like your grandparents! Ain’t it?