18 Apr

Londoners Turn to Lasers For Painless Treatment

Many people suffer from anxiety when they have an impending dental appointment and often this is due to a fear of pain, the dreaded dental drill or needles. With laser treatment, we are able to treat Londoners quickly and painlessly.
About laser dental treatment
Laser dentistry is becoming increasingly commonplace and it acts as a replacement for traditional dental techniques. Lasers often eliminate the need for making incisions in the soft tissue and this means that no needles or anaesthetic are required. Lasers can be used for a variety of different procedures and they have a range of purposes within modern dentistry, from the early detection and treatment of decay and gum disease, to cosmetic roles, such as tooth whitening and reshaping the gums.
What are the advantages of laser dentistry?
Laser treatment offers a whole host of advantages for dental patients, especially those who are very nervous about having treatment.
Without the need to make incisions, usually in the gums, there is usually no need for injections or needles, which makes treatment less daunting and reduces recovery time. Treatment is also less invasive and painless and the risk of infection is considerably lower when no cut is required.
Laser treatment is also much quicker and more accurate than traditional techniques and lasers eliminate the need for drilling, which makes treatment quieter and less scary for those who have a fear of being in the dental chair.