24 Apr

London’s Eroding Teeth

Like anything in life, unless you protect it accordingly, it will erode and this is also the case with your teeth. There are a lot of things we put our teeth through during our life in London and eventually, they will start to suffer if they are not looked after. Teeth erosion is the wearing down of the enamel on the teeth; normally this is caused by acids eating away at them. The early signs of this happening can be seen through discolouration; dents may appear making the teeth look as though they have been sand blasted, cracks may also appear in the enamel. However, if you are a little gun-ho with your toothbrush or the bristles are too hard, this may also cause wearing to the enamel. But the most destructive form of erosion to your teeth is if you grind them a lot and the damage is deadly. There are many ways to stop these problems such as fluoride treatments, keeping your mouth hydrated and watch the foods that you eat; dental sealants are an excellent way to fend off any attack from acids. If your teeth are showing signs of wear though, you may require a bit of cosmetic work done. In any case, you should ask your dentist about teeth erosion and find out the best ways to avoid it in the first place.