24 Apr

Looking After Your Gums in Central London

Keeping up with oral hygiene in central London, is not just all about the teeth, it’s also about the thing that houses them- the gums. Caring for your gums is just as important as caring for your teeth, and this starts from the basics. Finding a tooth brush that suits you is important; it should be too abrasive as to damage your gums and should be changed regularly. Learning to brush correctly helps, for so many of us have never ever been versed in the art. Tooth paste and floss should be high on the agenda too, especially after meals to ensure that the complete removal of food stuffs that cause bacteria and plaque- this can be backed up with a mouthwash. Good diets can also help build an immune system that is resistant to bacteria and promote saliva levels in the mouth that keep the gums healthy. However, they will always be of a delicate nature, but they do respond to stimulation- gentle massaging with herbal remedies, can promote growth in gums, rinsing with warm salty water and clove oil will also help in situations where the gums bleed or weep when brushing. But this can indicate that there may be problems that you have overlooked, so regular appointments with your dentist should be enough to correct any issues your gums may have and keep them truly healthy.