03 Jun

Looking after your kid’s mouth in central London

Children in central London are like a blank canvas for about the first 6 years of their life. It takes time for them to evolve and come to life as they start to learn things. So up until they start to understand and learn how to do things for themselves, the onus is on you, the parent, to nurture them and look after them, until you can start to cut them some slack. This is very important when it comes to their teeth, so you should always get up to speed on how to be ready for delicate times such as teething and when the child’s secondary start to come through. The important thing to protect their teeth from is decay, which children are very vulnerable to. Consulting with a pediatric dentist is paramount during this period in order to get the health of your child’s teeth right. Choosing the right foods and drinks is a key factor here, trying to avoid sugary and starchy substances if you can. Early on, it’s down to you to clean their teeth in the early years to avoid tooth decay, but as they grow older, you have to find toothpastes that are suitable for them and then teach them how to clean their teeth properly. Again, if you have any doubts, you should always seek qualified help from your pediatrician or your dentist.