08 Jan

Looking After Your Oral Health for 2016

The core mantra of dentistry, as with most medical professions, is ‘prevention is better than cure’. No single role in a dental practice typifies this attitude more than the dental hygienist: An individual who focuses on preventing gum disease and teaching patients how best to look after their teeth. You may be recommended to visits a hygienist if, during a dental check-up, your dentist recognises any signs of gum disease.

A typical visit to the hygienist

First and foremost, the hygienist will check your dental records for any existing issues with your teeth. A discussion regarding your oral hygiene routine and habits will then most likely ensue, during which they may offer advice on how to improve your tooth regimen.  A thorough examination of your gums will then follow and if they discover any problems, some further action may be taken. No matter what state your gums are in, you will likely have your teeth cleaned via a procedure known as ‘scaling and polishing’.

What is scaling and polishing?

Our mouths are like saliva production machines. Saliva contains a lot of calcium, which is, for the most part, great news for our teeth! Alas, every silver lining has a cloud, and this discreet, rainy customer is none other than a build-up of calcium deposits between your teeth: In a momentous case of biological irony, these pockets of strengthening calcium can provide the perfect climate for bacteria to prosper. These calcium build ups can also be tooth coloured, meaning they can blend, chameleon like, amongst your healthy teeth. Thankfully for us, there is scaling: A form of special cleaning perfect for flushing out covert calcium infiltrators. Unlike your toothbrush, scaling can remove these beasts. The polishing part will even aid in preventing bacteria from sticking to your gums!

Advice and instruction

Knowledge is power, and that is what the hygienist can provide you with: The most current and effective ways of cleaning and maintaining your teeth and gums. They will even offer you an insight into how your diet can affect your teeth!

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