24 Feb

Looking for a Dental Hygienist in London

A dental hygienist is a particular kind of dental professional who specializes in oral hygiene – rather than providing corrective treatments, such as fillings, bridges or extractions, they conduct preventative dental care. Oral hygiene is key in preventing problems such as tooth decay and infection which often cause us to need dental treatment.
Obviously it’s important to maintain good dental hygiene at home, by brushing your teeth and tongue daily, and flossing regularly. But a dental hygienist will offer an additional range of treatments to improve your oral hygiene and further reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Your London dentist might offer various hygiene treatments himself, but will also be able to recommend you a professional dental hygienist.
Common dental hygiene treatments include a scale and polish, which removes tartar and plaque from the enamel of the teeth, and teeth whitening, which removes discolourations and stains for a healthier smile. Your dental hygienist can also give you advice and tips on how to optimize your oral hygiene routine at home, whether you’d like help with brushing, flossing, or anything else.
Dental hygienists are qualified professionals, and on top of being able to offer treatments and advice, they’ll be able to look over your teeth and assess your current standards of oral hygiene. Many of us don’t find out we’re missing sections of teeth when we brush until an expert tells us so.
Keeping good oral hygiene is far more important in avoiding costly dental treatments and procedures than many people realize – so don’t wait: ask your London dentist for a recommendation today.