16 Feb

Looking for Dental Bridges in London?

Dental bridges are a form of false teeth that can be fitted into gaps of one tooth or more. They are called ‘bridges’ because they attach to the neighbouring teeth on either side of the gap, ‘bridging’ the space between them.
The most obvious reason that someone might want to have a dental bridge fitted is cosmetic: gaps between teeth look unattractive and unsightly, particularly when they are located at the front of the mouth. Dental bridges are a durable, realistic form of false tooth that help a lot of people to regain their smile after an injury or infection has left them with a missing tooth.
However, there are a lot of other good reasons to have a dental bridge fitted. Firstly, the gaps between your teeth can accumulate food debris and bacteria that are difficult to clean with a tooth brush. Bacteria and food debris are both contributing factors to tooth decay and gum disease. Dental bridges block the gaps between teeth, and mean that you should be able to thoroughly clean your teeth with just a usual routine of brushing and flossing.
Secondly, a dental bridge between teeth supports and strengthens the neighbouring teeth. When you lose a tooth, the teeth to either side of the gap become vulnerable to extra pressure and may easily become chipped or broken. Having a dental bridge fitted will support these teeth and reduce their level of risk.
Dental bridges won’t take up your time – they’re as easy to keep clean as the rest of your teeth – and they look just like normal teeth. If you think you could benefit from having dental bridges fitted, make an appointment with your London dentist for advice and treatment.