20 Feb

Looking for Gum Contouring Treatment in the City of London?

Do you sometimes think that when you smile, too much of your gum shows? You might want to consider what gum contouring could do for your smile. It’s a quick and easy treatment that’s available from many dentists in the City of London.
Gum contouring involves your dentist using a laser to sculpt your gum into a smooth contour that’s proportionate to the size of your teeth and mouth. Despite involving lasers, it’s a straightforward treatment that can usually be completed in just one visit to your dentist – and the results will be visible immediately.
Gum-contouring is also a relatively painless process – the laser quickly seals up the wounds it creates, meaning that the recovery time after the procedure is minimal. Some patients feel a little discomfort around their gums for a short period after the treatment, but this can be easily managed with painkillers.
After-care is important following gum contouring treatment. Most dentists will insist you don’t smoke after the procedure, because it will stunt the healing process and put you in more discomfort. It’s also essential to keep your teeth clean, but if your gums are too sore to brush, mouthwash provides a suitable alternative.
Gum contouring is becoming more and more popular in the UK as people follow their desires to create the perfect smile. Speak to your dentist for information, and to find out where you can have gum contouring treatment in the City of London.