15 Feb

Looking for Hypnosis and Dentistry in London

Hypnosis is generally considered to be a state of consciousness defined by enhanced suggestibility. While proper scientific study of hypnosis is still in relatively early days, the results have been promising, and indicate that hypnosis is effective, alongside more traditional methods of anaesthetic, in reducing the pain and stress of difficult dental surgery.
When an individual is under hypnosis, many people refer to this state as a ‘trance’. They lack an acute awareness of the outside world, and have their attention focused on a fixed thing. This trance state has many beneficial uses in dentistry.
It can be used to control a strong gag reflex – some patients will find having dental surgery very difficult due to an involuntary reflex triggered the invasive nature of the work. Hypnosis can distract the mind and prevent this from happening. Hypnosis has also proved successful in treating various ‘bad habits’ associated with oral health, including teeth-grinding.
It’s natural to be wary of hypnotism, given its mysterious nature – even experts don’t completely understand how it comes to be so effective. However, if your dentist is qualified in practicing hypnosis, or employs a qualified professional, you can be assured that the technique is completely safe.

Individuals who have suffered severe trauma in the past may want to avoid hypnosis, and contrary to what many people think, it isn’t always advisable to use on those with a dental phobia. However, this will vary between individual cases. If you think your oral health might benefit from hypnosis, speak to your London dentist for further advice.