31 May

Looking good comes at a price, as new survey reveals we spend much more on beauty products than health checks

shutterstock_570190258A new survey has revealed that women spend much more on beauty and hair treatments than they do on health checks. The poll, which was conducted by Oasis Dental Care, showed that the average woman spends £258 on makeup and hair products, compared to just £161 on health checks.
A fifth of those surveyed admitted that their primary motivation for exercising was to look good, while half of participants said they would endure pain in exchange for a perfect body. Around 60 percent of people said they had worn clothing they found uncomfortable because they thought it made them look good and more than 80 percent of those surveyed admitted that they’d ignored health problems in the hope that they would go away.
The survey also showed that more than a third of participants hadn’t seen a dentist in the last 12 months, despite advice from dentists recommending at least one check-up per year. On average, both men and women spent around £123 on dental treatments per year. Sixty percent suggested that health is more important than looking good, but most revealed that they would be more likely to spend £30 on a new piece of clothing than a dental appointment.
Oasis Dental Care’s clinical director, Eddie Coyle, suggested that the survey findings show that most people are more concerned with their looks than their health and when it comes to spending money, image is often top of the list of priorities. Mr Coyle hopes that the survey results will encourage people to think more carefully about their health, suggesting that “it’s difficult to look your best if you are not feeling your best.”