27 Jul

Looking your best with Cosmetic Dentistry in the City of London

The city of London is a fascinating place to live. On the one hand it is a den of iniquity, dangling carrots of everything fashionable and extreme socialising, whilst on the other, it offers ways to repair yourself after such exuberances. Such enjoyments will however catch up with you in time and take their toll on you. Such as it is with your teeth; we place a lot of stress on our fangs with such vices like fast food, smoking and drinking, and like the rest of our body, our teeth will start to suffer from wear and tear with this sustained period of fun and frolics. But with all our foibles, dentists come up with ways to solve all our dental problems- it’s almost as if they know we are going to need them at some point. Tooth replacement is a ‘doddle’ these days: dental implants, bridges and partial dentures can help plug those gaps and keep your smile complete. Cosmetically though, there are many ways to keep your teeth pearly white and looking sensational. Veneers are a great way to cover up, those horrible stains, cracks and gaps…leaving you looking fabulous. Dental bonding is there to touch-up minor problems with the simplest of ease. Teeth whitening can be done at the dentists, or at home with home bleaching kits…everything is laid on a plate for you to keep you smiling. But, where dentistry has moved into an era of Star Trek proportions is with the technology it has at hand, being able to offer all the aforementioned treatments in as little as an hour. Now that is dangling a carrot to let you carry on partying, you damage it and we’ll fix it over lunch!