09 Aug

Lost a few teeth? London dentists can fix it using dental bridges

Losing teeth can occur at any time as the result of an accident or a period of poor oral health. Hopefully it is something that most people will never have to deal with but if it does happen then you will have to have your missing teeth replaced with something. Even if you have only lost one tooth it is imperative that you replace it. The adjacent teeth which surround a gap will shift into the vacant position and compromise the alignment of your bite. If you have lost more than one tooth then eating and drinking can become problematized and your cheeks might begin to sag inwards.
Dental bridges are a tried and tested method of replacing lost teeth. Usually used in cases of single tooth loss, they can also be combined with dental implants in cases of multiple tooth loss too. The principle of dental bridge work is that a replacement tooth is attached to the surrounding teeth using a strong dental composite.
In each case, the dentist will examine the area and determine which type of dental bridge is to be utilised. This is important because in each situation, a slightly different type of bridge may need to be employed. If the missing tooth is at the front of the mouth then your dentist will be concerned to conceal the bonding from view when you smile. In other cases the dental bridge might only be possible on one side, if one of the adjacent teeth is not deemed strong enough to play a part in supporting the replacement tooth.
Your dentist in London will be an expert in dental bridges and, in the unfortunate event of tooth loss, he or she can advise you about dental bridges.