06 Jul

Lots Of Implants To Be Had In London Mate

For anyone that has lost all of their teeth in London, it’s a harrowing, shocking, scary and emotional time; it could seem like the end of the world and the idea of having to wear dentures is just as bad as the initial tooth loss: there is some irony though with dentures as you will soon find out. Fortunately, you don’t have to go down the road of dentures because the dental implant has stamped its initials on the world of dentistry and seeing as it has advanced to become an incredibly easy, slick and permanent way to overcome tooth loss it seems like it has put dentures out to pasture. It will mean that you have to have multiple implants located into your jaws to overcome total tooth loss, but they will be permanently in for life- as will your new teeth. It will be a dramatic procedure, but not as dramatic as losing your teeth in the first place and at least you know you will look as good as new once it is over with. Now that irony: multiple mini-implants are being used in conjunction with full dentures to stabilise and bed-in the dentures, making them strong and secure. This does beg a question though: if you are willing to get multiple implants for your dentures, why not just get a new set of permanent crowns put onto full implants and be done with? You won’t have to take the teeth out ever, at all- take the plunge and get the real thing.