29 Jan

Love Island sparks increase in online searches for veneers and dental treatment overseas

The new series of Love Island has contributed to a sharp rise in the number of online searches for cosmetic dental treatments and dental clinics overseas.

Coffee bean entrepreneur, Connor is perhaps the most notable contestant in terms of his influence on Internet searches. During the first couple of episodes, the 25-year-old from Worthing hit the headlines thanks to his dazzling white smile, which he admitted was the result of a recent trip to a clinic in Thailand. 

Following the launch of the show and subsequent conversations about Connor’s ultra-bright veneers, Internet searches for terms including ‘Thailand veneers’ and ‘Thailand veneers cost’ increased by over 100%. 

TV programmes like Love Island and The Only Way is Essex have set a trend for bright, white teeth, and subsequently, there has been a huge amount of interest in cosmetic dentistry, but dentists are urging those interested in treatments like veneers to tread carefully. Often, cut-price deals can seem alluring, especially if you get to enjoy a holiday in a tropical destination like Thailand, but there are dangers associated with dental tourism, and dentists are eager to ensure that patients know what they’re letting themselves in for.

Veneers can be an incredibly effective solution for patients who want a beautiful smile, but it’s crucial to choose a reputable, experienced dentist to carry out the procedure. Preparation work is often required for veneers, and this demands a high level of skill. There are treatments available to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, and some patients may wish to pay more for less invasive options.

The advice from dentists is to research treatments carefully, to make sure you choose a skilled, qualified dentist and to arrange a consultation to find out everything you need to know about treatment beforehand. For those who are considering going abroad to save money, it’s critical to research clinics rigorously, to view independent reviews and ratings and to check the credentials of the dental team. Prices might be lower overseas, but regulations are often less stringent in terms of qualifications and infection control procedures.