22 Aug

Lovely Lumineers in Central London

It can be rather amazing living in the metropolis that is central London- sexy, glitzy, colourful and at times addictively beautiful; one of the best cities in the world. But if you have a sense of pride about living the dream, you may also feel that you have to live up to the expectations of said dream, by looking the best you can. The teeth are an integral part of that pressure because as soon as you open your mouth, that’s what the world sees. Keeping up appearances can be hard, but there are some splendid short, sharp ways of smiling your way through life and getting you through a bit of a do- it’s called Lumineers. Based on the tried and tested method of veneers, these little gems sum up the fast paced life of London. Walk into most dentists and tell them that you need a bit of a make-over to bring your mouth up to scratch quickly, and they will fit you with Lumineers. These patented porcelain coverings are simply pasted onto your teeth without doing any damage to your teeth’s enamel and OK, they will only last about 5 years at best, but for a quick fix, these babies will give you a smile that can win over Hollywood and beyond. With some of the most modern techniques around as well, you can simply walk in to a dentists, and within a couple of hours, walk out with a mouthful of bejewelled teeth.