07 Aug

Lumineer’s are great for hiding minor damage to teeth, says A City of London dentist

The new Lumineer veneer is great for hiding small amounts of defects to your teeth; this can include a misaligned, cracked or even a chipped tooth. The cost has also made it a considerably popular choice when choosing what cosmetic surgery to have to repair damaged teeth, says a City of London dentist. The new veneer is so thin and tough that it is a true veneer in the normal context of the word, as used in the furniture business. A conventional veneer needs to be quite thick to do the job properly, this means that it can`t just be plonked onto a tooth to repair it. The tooth needs to have some extensive work done on it first so the veneer will fit onto the tooth and look natural, this means that your teeth’s natural enamel needs to be shaved off to make this possible. With the Lumineer being so ultra thin, no work needs to be done on the tooth to prepare it; it is simply cemented on in around 20 minutes. If your tooth needs any work done on it, then the Lumineer is simply taken off and then replaced when the work is done. With a veneer it would need to be taken off and a new veneer fitted afterwards, and this can be quite costly. The lack of work in making the Lumineer and fitting it means the price has come down; on top of that they last longer than a normal veneer with a life of around 20 years.