08 Aug

Lumineers; the facts about this amazing veneer. By a City of London dentist

A new formula made from porcelain has completely taken the dentistry world by surprise, the Lumineer as it’s called is so much easier to fit says a City of London dentist. Veneers are popular among those who seek a solution to minor teeth problems, ones which are largely cosmetic. A discoloured, chipped, wonky or cracked tooth is more an inconvenience than a usual tooth problem. Veneers up to now have been very thick in size due to the material used, that makes it impossible to have one fitted without first removing its equivalent in enamel from the rogue tooth. As enamel doesn’t grow back it means that you can only ever have another veneer on that tooth. Most of these veneers last up to around 15 years, and it involves removing the worn out one and replacing it with another one. The Lumineer puts paid to all that as it is so tough it now comes in a super thin version, this allows the dentist to simple just place it on the front of the tooth with a little cement. No preparation, except in some cases, is necessary and if any is required it is just a quick roughening of the surface to get a good adhesion. They can be removed at any time to allow treatment to the tooth, then simple replaced back on, or even exchanged for another one. They are expected to last up 20 years, and keep their colour much longer as well. The price is also very competitive.