20 Mar

Lumineers- The Latest In Cosmetic Dentistry In London

“Veneers are used as alternative to dental crowns and bonded to teeth calling for some tooth grinding; however, Lumineers that are a recent revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry are very thin translucent porcelains that are leak and crack proof and perfect alternative to veneers because there is no need for tooth reduction to fit these Lumineers to the teeth. Also a veneer procedure can be hurting to a patient but not the Lumineers, and the teeth are intact and strong as ever,” says an expert that offers cosmetic dentistry service here in London.”Lumineers are very thin porcelain shield-like things that are fixed to teeth to recreate a change in one’s smile. Fortunately, these require little or no preparation and best part is that in a great majority of cases absolutely there is no need for even a shot or a drill. The entire process may take a maximum of 2 dental visits at a time of 1 hour each visit. A patient can remove these for any reason and they are reversible,” remarks the specialist.
Lumineers are a great way to make your smile beautiful without really altering a painful tooth! These last for up to 20 years as well and there are Lumineer experts in London that offer a replacement guarantee of procedure for up to 5 years. Having said that remember that these mimic the tooth enamel very much so care should be taken and one should use a low-abrasive toothpaste that will not harm them.
The expert says that these are the predisposing conditions wherein Lumineers can be used to correct a large variety of tooth distortions as well as conditions: to hide teeth discoloration, to fill in noticeable ugly gaps between teeth, to camouflage stains on teeth and broken teeth. Furthermore, Lumineers can also complement existing dental crowns and bridges.