25 Apr

Lumineers Your Smile with the Help of Dentists in Central London

We are created to smile and experience enjoyment with confidence. Our facial expressions are a response to others and how we feel about ourselves is conveyed through an exchange of communication.
When we feel insecure in our facial looks or lack confidence in our expressions because of the condition of our teeth, we may be misunderstood and not feel as good about ourselves as we would like to.
A range of dental conditions may be treated with Lumineers in Central London. Dentists perform painless Lumineer procedures to enhance tooth shape and shade without tooth sensitivity.
Lumineers are a form of wafer-thin porcelain veneer that are durable and mask irregular shaped and/or discoloured and stained teeth. People all over the world choose Lumineers for the ultimate celebrity-looking smile makeover.
Ideal for improving appearance, special occasions when you want to look your best, and for important business presentations, Lumineers enhance facial beauty and give a youthful fresh look.
Central London dentists gain expertise in Lumineers treatment so that patients reap these benefits through a quick and easy treatment process with lasting results. Lumineers are custom-designed for a unique fit, feel and smile transformation.
Within two dental visits, patients may receive whiter teeth for a brighter, natural and healthy smile.
Once teeth are cleaned and prepared, an impression is made and oral dimensions are sent to a dental laboratory where Lumineers are created, especially for individual needs. When the personalised Lumineers are ready, patients receive the final fitting as the Lumineers are securely bonded with curing light to existing teeth.
Lumineers enable the preservation of existing tooth structure, allowing normal oral hygiene practice and enjoyment of daily activities with enhanced self-esteem. Often chosen as an alternative to dental braces, Lumineers give teeth symmetry for oral comfort and peace of mind.