09 Jan

Maintaining Your Dental Visits In Central London

If you have happened to burn the candle at both ends at one hell of a party in central London, the last thing you will want on the Monday morning is to attend a dental appointment with someone prodding around in your mouth. This is just a typical scenario, along with being too busy, why people skip their visits. Once may well be forgiven, twice though is starting to err on the side of oral suicide and if you are starting to miss these appointments, chances are you also think it okay to skip brushing and cleaning your teeth on occasions too- which is the time where your teeth are being bombarded with bacteria and it doesn’t take long for plaque to get to work and break out its big guns of gum disease and tooth decay. At a dental appointment, your dentist will be able to check on stuff like this: an x-ray will highlight any damage done to your teeth and gums since your last visit and then you can be fixed up immediately if need be. Any tartar can be scraped away from the base of the teeth to stop infection to the gums, stains can be removed with a good clean and polish, in fact, that’s the whole point of your visit- it’s to back up everything you do (or don’t do) at home and to keep your teeth and gums healthy.