28 Dec

Maintaining your Gums in Central London

Your gums are a very important element in your oral health as they house the foundations of your teeth, but unless you maintain a high level of hygiene, they are also one of the most vulnerable elements in your mouth too. Like your teeth, they need to be cleaned each day and this can be achieved by good flossing and brushing: today in central London, it is possible to purchase a Water-Pik. This device fires a tight jet of water up into the gums to give them a thorough clean below the surface. Your gums also work well to stimulation; chewing gum is very good for this, as well as promoting saliva in the mouth, the natural aggressor to bacteria that attacks your teeth and gums. Your gums also love a good massage: this should be done last thing at night using your finger with a few herbal remedies on. This will encourage the blood-flow throughout the gums. However, as has already been mentioned, they are very vulnerable to disease and this starts with blood on the toothbrush after brushing and soon after, your gums will start weeping as well, and then begin receding as the disease takes hold. This is something you must fight at all costs, along with your dentist, because as soon as gum disease sets in, it starts to infect the blood and hence, all the vital organs in your body, causing them to fail over time.