02 Feb

Makeover Your Smile This February for a Lovely New Look

Here at Baker Street, we offer a brilliant range of ways for you to makeover your smile, from a quick trip to the hygienist to cosmetic re-contouring. Whatever your concern may be, we are sure to have a solution for you! Below we have outlined a number of ways that we can help to restore your smile to perfection:

  • A visit to the hygienist is a fuss-free way of keeping everything in order and making sure that your teeth receive an optimum clean. No one wants to suffer from unattractive issues such as stained teeth or bad breath, so a quick trip to get a thorough clean is a great way to see instant improvements.
  • If you want an instant boost then whitening treatments will certainly make your smile light up. A number of options are available – home bleaching, laser bleaching and over the counter kits – all of which are completely safe and non-invasive.
  • For people with minor orthodontic problems, or those who generally dislike the appearance of their teeth, veneers are a fantastic option as they can completely transform a smile. The porcelain facings that make up the veneers are extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Gum contouring is the perfect solution for those who are self-conscious about gummy smiles that give the appearance of shorter teeth. With a re-contouring procedure, your smile will be instantly enhanced.
  • When crowns appear artificial or leave a black area around the gums this can often knock clients’ confidence, as it is obvious that the teeth are not natural. In order to restore a natural looking smile we can replace these bad crowns with ones that are created by highly skilled lab technicians.

Other options that have not been mentioned above include filling replacement, bonding, bridges and implants, so if you are longing to restore your smile then look no further as we have an extensive number of treatments available to give you the perfectly tailored smile makeover.