10 May

Making-over your smile in London

So, you’ve let your mouth go have you? Not feeling like smiling much these days? Well, this is the perfect time for you to get a smile make-over! No matter how bad you think your smile has become, these dashing London dentists have got the answers to get you grinning again.
First, you need to ensure that you have a full set of teeth and if not, plug the gaps with a bridge or an implant, then with a full quota, you can begin in earnest. Some annoying people happen to have kept their teeth together, albeit, they may have discoloured a bit; for these people, they can rejuvenate their smile by whitening their teeth through toothpastes, bleaching kits or laser treatments. If the teeth have become cracked or chipped, even worn, veneers or bonding can cover up these sins. Of course, the health of the mouth is important too so before any of this can take place, you need to ensure you are free gum disease and that your bite is true- this may require the placement of crowns and teeth straightening; it will not only promote a healthy look, but also help to protect any new work you are having done.
Old, unsightly grey fillings can also be replaced with white composite ones for a more natural aura. Now with your smile complete and you’re looking years younger, there is also one final thing to consider- your lips, for they crown your teeth, but they too can over time become wrinkled and jaded and can ruin the good work you have just had done inside your mouth. Help is at hand here too in the form of dermal fillers and Bot-ox. These treatments will reduce dramatically the ageing process around the mouth.