04 May

Marvellous MACveneers

If you’re searching for a treatment that guarantees stunning aesthetics as well as durability and longevity, we have fantastic news. With MACveneers, you can enjoy a beautiful, strong and healthy looking smile for years to come.

What are MACveneers?

MACveneers are ultra-thin yet incredibly durable veneers made in the MAC studios in Canada and the USA. These beautifully crafted veneers create timeless, natural looking smiles to boost your confidence and ensure you look and feel a million dollars every time you smile.
MACveneers are different to other types of veneer because they are coloured from within using up to 16 different hues. This gives an amazingly lifelike finish. They are also made from pressed ceramics, which means that they are stronger and last up to twice as long as conventional porcelain veneers.
Treatment usually involves two to three appointments after the initial consultation. The veneers are custom-made in the MAC laboratory.

Are MACveneers a good choice for me?

MACveneers are an excellent treatment option for anyone who wants to address cosmetic imperfections and improve the look of their smile. With these veneers, issues such as chipped and stained teeth can be banished and you can enjoy a bright flawless smile. If you’re interested in veneer treatment, the MAC system offers numerous benefits in addition to the finished aesthetic outcome. These veneers represent a good investment because they last for many years and they are also stain-resistant, so you can be sure your teeth will continue to sparkle.
MACveneers are often a good option if you have gaps between your teeth, discolouration, worn surfaces, and uneven edges. They are also beneficial if you simply want your smile to look more glamorous and emanate the Hollywood style.
If you like the sound of MACveneers, why not give us a call to find out more and book a consultation?