08 Feb

Miniature Dental Implants in City of London

Miniature dental implants (MDIs) are an excellent solution for wearing soft tissue supported full dentures and also certain partial denture cases. Your City of London dentists are very-well trained at the placement and use of these (MDIs). MDIs have an 85% or more 5 year success rate. MDIs offer an inexpensive alternative to regular dental implants. They are used to stabilize dentures in patients that have enough bone structure available for their placement. Dentists that are trained in MDIs can perform this procedure.
MDIs are made primarily of titanium alloy shaped in the very small screw-like form, with a ball attachment to place the dentures. After a complete oral examination is performed, and the proper X-rays are taken, your London dentist will use local anaesthesia in the area where the MDIs are to be placed. Usually, four MDIs are placed to stabilize a full denture. This procedure is mostly used with lower dentures, as they do not have the same suction as upper dentures and tend to move around more than upper dentures. Miniature drills are then used to drill through the gum tissue and into the underlying oral bone. After the holes are drilled, the MDIs are placed with a screwing motion. There is usually no pain associated with the placement of these implants. The denture is that retrofitted onto these MDIs. Housings are placed over the ball attachments on the MDIs and the denture is relieved. Using a cold-cure acrylic denture resin, the denture is left in place for 6 minutes, removed with the housings in place, and trimmed and polished. The patient should leave these in place for 24 hours before removal. So, visit your City of London dentist to stabilize your dentures using MDIs.