24 Jan

Miniature implants by London dentist

Taking care of ones teeth has become big business everywhere since more people are realizing the importance of having a beautiful attractive smile. One popular way people fix their less than perfect smiles is through dentures.
It is estimated that one in every four people in England are wearing dentures. The Dental Clinic offers denture wearers a chance to have a minimally invasive dental treatment for their dentures. At a considerably lower cost, a “snap on” denture is now in the market to help secure lower dentures which are infamously bad fitting.
Leading London dentist is known to help patients around the UK get the perfect fit for their dentures. In this procedure, miniature titanium implants take the place of the natural root of the teeth. It is attached under the jawbone while under local anesthesia. The ball of the implant protrudes under the ball of the gum tissue to allow the wearer to snap the dentures into place, thus giving them the perfect fit every time.
The dentist adds that, as we age, bone height gets lost, which is why securing a lower denture has been notoriously difficult. When you use the snap-on system, you are given the full confidence of having dentures that will fit 100 percent of the time.
The mini dental implants take approximately an hour and a half to place and fit. Patients who have undergone the surgery are happy and satisfied since they have finally found the stability for their lower dentures.
Nitin , a 63-year-old retired hospital administrator, has been wearing dentures for more than three decades. After finding out about miniature implants for solving problems with dentures, she booked herself an appointment and admitted that the receding gum line were contributing to her embarrassment of having loose lower dentures.
“After many years of discomfort, I am thoroughly thrilled with the results…” she confided. She says that they feel like natural teeth and she doesn’t have to worry about being embarrassed at all, especially when eating.