15 Sep

Missing teeth and loose dentures solved by dental implants from London dentist

Are you embarrassed by missing teeth? Do your dentures feel loose and insecure causing you to worry about them falling out at inopportune moments? Then the first thing you need to know is that you are not alone and that these are very common problems. Many people in the UK suffer from missing teeth for a number of reasons ranging from accidentally knocked out teeth, to teeth lost due to decay and infection. Missing teeth can really spoil the appearance of the smile and lead to further dental complications.
Hundreds of thousands of people across the UK wear dentures and one of the most common complaints is that the dentures are loose and feel like they are going to fall out. This encourages many people to wear denture adhesives which although effective are very sticky and can prevent the eating of certain food.
Fortunately, now there is an answer to both of these problems. Dental implants are small titanium screws that are anchored directly into the jawbone to act as a base for either an artificial tooth or when used in sequence as clips to hold dentures in place. The implants used for the dentures are smaller and usually used in groups of five. They clip onto the dentures holding them in place, but still make them easy to remove and replace.
The procedure for implanting the implants takes several weeks and depends on the suitability of the candidate. Once implanted, the London dentist will need to give them several weeks or even months to properly fuse with the bone and gum tissue to ensure they are as solid as possible.
Dental implants are easily the most effective and realistic way of replacing missing teeth. They are permanent and will not need replacing at any stage, unlike many other dental restorations.