12 May

Missing teeth are easily replaced with a Dental Bridge, says a City of London dentist

A dental bridge is a unique and crafty way to have a missing tooth replaced without all the fuss and time involved with a dental implant. It is a painless and quick solution that has been very successfully performed for many decades, and it doesn’t cost a fortune says a City of London dentist. If you`re fortunate enough, the treatment will start before you lose the tooth in question. If you`ve already lost it, the gap left will be used to make the replacement tooth. It is not a good idea to leave a missing tooth without any further treatment, the teeth either side will lose their support from the missing tooth and slide into the space. This can cause a misaligned tooth or teeth; and therefore more problems. Using digital photos and X-rays, and often a mould made of the teeth; your dentist will scan them into a computer. the dentist will calculate the exact size and dimensions of the whole bridge. The bridge itself will consist of the missing tooth and two more teeth either side; these will have a hollow inside which is shaped to fit over the teeth on each side. They are all made from porcelain which is very hard wearing and look, feel and act just like the real thing. The two teeth either side are called anchors, for obvious reasons, and are slide over the side teeth after they have been shaped to take the bridge. For an idea of what I mean think of a piece of furniture you are fitting together, you will be using round dowels to secure the pieces together, and now think of the anchor as the piece you are fitting over the dowel. This is now cemented to secure and seal it from infections. The bridge will give you many years of care free usage, and the best part is that no-one but you will know.