16 Sep

Missing teeth need to be replaced; dentures can help, say London dentists

Dentures are sets of false teeth mounted on platforms that can be worn to replicate a full set of teeth when all of the natural teeth have been lost. This can happen in old age, as the result of a severe accident or after a period of poor dental health resulting in large scale dental decay or serious gum disease.
For many years dentures could be uncomfortable for the wearer and had a tendency to slip out of the mouth when the wearer spoke or ate. This is to say nothing of how messy they could be after meal times.
Denture technology has improved immeasurably since those days and they are enjoying something of a renaissance amongst patients in the United Kingdom. The main improvement is the fact that dentures are now made individually for the wearer. This allows the dentist who makes the dentures to take into account the contours of the patient’s gums. The advantages of this are manifold. A tighter fit means that there is less chance of food getting trapped between denture and gum. Also there will be a lower propensity for dentures to slip out and they will cause less friction. Denture wearers can either fix their dentures in place every day by using a special dental sealant or rely on the suction of gums.
Friction free materials also help and dentures are becoming more durable too. They still require a standard of care to make sure they are long lasting, but with the right level of being looked after dentures ought to last several decades.
If you have lost all of your teeth you will need to replace them and your London dentist can give you lots of information about dentures.