29 Mar

Modern Choices in Dentistry in Central London

One of the greatest things about modern dentistry in central London today is the amount of choice available to us, the patients. Dentistry has gone through an almighty change over the past 20 years- computers and lasers for example, have helped to change the way dentists carry out the most basic of procedures to keep our teeth healthy.
Any signs of tooth decay and gum disease can be diagnosed instantly with digital x-rays so that the problems can be checked as soon as they are detected.  Lasers reduce the amount of stress applied to the teeth and gums during procedures, meaning that healing times have become reduced, and the pain of treatments, virtually removed.But it’s with the development of such refined techniques to carry out dental work, that has carried through  to all areas of dentistry- particularly in the field of cosmetics.
Aligners from the USA have changed the way we think of braces  completely, working faster and more discreetly than ever before. Home bleaching kits and laser whitening have made it easier to get a healthy looking smile, along with tried and tested methods such as veneers and dental bonding.
But probably the greatest leap forward in dentistry has come in tooth replacement. Dental implants used to be an elite procedure which could take up to 6 months to complete. But the computer and the laser have meant that this treatment can be carried out in a day in some cases, helping to replace teeth and give support to crowns, bridges and dentures.
Dental products too have changed the way we look after our mouths, giving us better protection against all the problems that ruin our teeth and gums.