29 Jan

Modern Missing Teeth Treatments

Missing teeth may be detrimental to our oral and overall health, including our emotional and psychological state. Tooth loss from poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, ill health and injury may leave us feeling self-conscious with a lack of confidence.
When we smile, our teeth are visible and others may notice our missing teeth. Our teeth give bone structure support to facial muscles for our expressions. A gap left by a lost tooth reduces facial volume, giving a sunken and tired or aged appearance.

Treating missing teeth

The missing tooth gap affects our dental bite as neighbouring teeth may start to move out of their proper positions. Bite disorders and malocclusion may occur. Where missing teeth are present, the risk of tooth decay and infection is higher.
For these reasons, it is recommended to replace one or more missing teeth with modern missing teeth treatments. Innovative missing teeth treatments offered at Baker Street Dental in the heart of central London improve oral function and enhance smiles.

The different treatments available

Options for replacing lost teeth include crowns, bridges and dentures. Dental implants may be used to replace missing tooth roots, anchor the tooth restoration and give stability and control. Dentures are a popular option because partial dentures may be used to replace a few missing teeth on the dental arch or complete dentures may fill tooth gaps on an entire dental arch. Immediate dentures may be provided so that a person does not have to suffer further from the effects of missing teeth.