21 Apr

Mouth Cancer can be Identified During Routine Visits to London Dentists

Mouth cancer, also referred to as oral or oropharyngeal cancer, may be caused by smoking, tobacco chewing, prolonged excessive alcohol intake, oral infection and associated health conditions.
Screening and treatment for mouth cancer is available in London for individuals experiencing symptoms of mouth cancer, such as: non-healing oral ulceration; mouth pain and discomfort; painful chewing and swallowing or jaw movement; mouth bleeding and/or numbness; oral or throat lumps; loose teeth; speech impediments; bad breath and weight loss.
Catching mouth cancer early before it develops further may save a life. Treatments for managing mouth cancer include surgical removal of cancerous cell growth, radiation and/or chemotherapy. Without treatment, mouth cancer may spread uncontrollably from oral cavities to other parts of the body.
Visiting a dentist in London for mouth cancer screening may help detect the presence of cancerous growth, even when an individual may be unaware that they have the start of mouth cancer. Sometimes mouth cancer presents as red or white patchy marks in the mouth or on the tongue. Not all tumours or oral lumps are cancerous, but it is best to make sure.
Research indicates that men are more prone to mouth cancer than women, with higher risk as age increases. The sooner a mouth cancer is diagnosed and treated, the faster health may be restored for improved quality of life and lifespan. Studies have shown that one in five people with late diagnosis and treatment live for only approximately five years more.
Mouth cancer may be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes that eliminate tobacco use and minimize alcohol consumption. Seeking immediate treatment for dental emergencies and oral trauma avoids increasing cell damage that may result in cancer. Visiting a London dentist for screening confirms for positive or negative presence of mouth cancer and gives peace of mind.