11 Nov

Mouth Dryness Helped By London Dentist

Dry mouth (i.e., xerostomia) occurs commonly in older people that take certain systemic medications. Results of mouth dryness tend to be increased dental diseases (especially decay), speech problems, problems chewing and swallowing, and changed or decreased taste perception. People with mouth dryness and gum recession have a higher incidence of root surface caries. Root surfaces are more prone to decay than the crown of the teeth, because the structure covering the roots (i.e., cementum) is softer than enamel.
Nutritionally, people with xerostomia tend to have numerous deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and fibre. The use of salivary substitutes and stimulants can help, as well as ongoing prevention and dental treatments. A referral to a physician can also help, as some medications may be substituted for some that do not have this mouth drying effect. Your London dentist will suggest some home oral products that can help, including xylitol-containing toothpastes and chewing gums, that stimulate saliva flow. Visit your London Dental Clinic to get help with mouth dryness!