14 Nov

Mouth guard from City of London dentists prevents painful dental injury

Some of the most common sporting injures involve some kind of dental trauma. Chipped, cracked or knocked out teeth are common in physically demanding sports such as football or rugby, and other ball sports like cricket. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to receive a dental injury playing sports you’ll know just how painful they can be. Chances are you’ll also know that the pain doesn’t end there. Dental injuries are often not simply curable and may require a succession of follow up treatments that can last for months or even years after the incident. These can involve further pain and complications not to mention putting a great big hole in your wallet.
While most dental injuries are eventually treatable, they often involve the use of a dental substitute such as a crown, veneer or artificial tooth. Recent advances in technology mean these treatments have come a long way and can now be very accurate and realistic. However, they will still need monitoring and replacing throughout your life as the average lifespan of any artificial dental substitute is under ten years. The only real solution to dental injury during sport is prevention. By wearing a mouth guard you could realistically save yourself a lifetime of dental trouble for only a few pounds.
It is possible to buy mouth guards from most sporting goods shops, but most dentists recommend you have one personally fitted. This is because an ill-fitting mouth guard can offer far less protection than a professionally fitted one. Well-placed padding and protection has no real substitute.
Wearing a mouth guard may not be the most comfortable thing in the world and you certainly aren’t going to win any style awards, but then try looking stylish with two front teeth missing. Wearing a partial denture in your mid-twenties is not a look you want to go for. It also makes good financial sense to shell out a few pounds on a mouth guard and save thousands on dental treatment. A City of London dentist will be able to fit a mouth guard in only a few minutes at your next check up and you can keep your teeth safe when playing sport.