19 Nov

Mouth guards in central London

So, you consider your high risk sportsperson in central London eh? It’s always great to let off steam by playing sport, and often, you will be playing something that involves some form of contact, maybe full contact such boxing, martial arts, rugby, hockey, etc. Chances are anyway, you are going to need a mouthguard to protect your teeth, lips and gums from injury, and in the case of hard-hitting sports, a gumshield may prevent damage to the jaw, neck and brain as well. They come in three basic forms. There is a ready made shield that can be bought off the shelf and might require a small trimming to fit comfortably. The second type is one made from thermo-plastic, that can be tailored to the mouth by boiling first and then moulded into place. The third method is to have one tailor made. Whatever you choose, the reasons behind these guards is to limit damage to the mouth, so avoiding infections and unnecessary treatments and maintaining oral hygiene. But they are not just for sports. Several dental prodedures incorporate mouthguards. They can be used in the treatment of bruxism (tooth grinding), to protect the occlusion of the jaws- the bite. They can also be used as splints for joint disorders, aid in teeth bleaching and even double up as an aligner to straighten teeth.