13 Apr

Mouth Injuries Treated by City of London Dental Clinic

Your City of London dentist treats injuries to your lips, tissues under your lips, floor of your mouth, inner cheeks, and soft and hard palates. Some injuries, such as your throat or tonsils may have to be referred out to a specialist, either an oral surgeon or an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Injuries to your cheeks and tongue may occur by biting them possible due to biting them, or being hit in the mouth during an accident. Cuts and bruises that occur in these areas can be tended to by your City of London dentist, possibly by placing a few sutures where the tissue is cut. Cuts to your lips, both upper and lower, may be due to an accident of fall. Many of these injuries do not go through the lip, however may require sutures if the cut is deep. Other times your tooth or teeth can go through your lip and sutures will be required on both sides of your lip. More serious injuries often occur when something is being held in the mouth between the teeth or lips, and is dislodged due to a fall or being hit. These injuries are more involved to treat, and your may be referred to a specialist. Call you City of London dentist upon an injury to your mouth immediately, and if you are with someone who has had an injury to their mouth. Time may be of the essence. Make sure to keep the telephone number available of your City of London Dental Clinic. Someone is always on call.