11 May

Myths and facts of London dentists

Visiting any London dentist is a stressful process for many people and its not unusual to find people reluctance to visit the dentist for the first time due to the myths and misunderstandings regarding dental practices. Here are a common few dental myths which are floating around.Myth no1-Using a home bleaching agent is much better than one given by a dentist.
Wrong! For most people only a dentist can decide when the bleaching process is complete and when you can get the best tint for your complexion. Dentists can also make sure you don’t over bleach your teeth which can lead to a whole new set of problems.
Myth no 2- Over brushing can remove the superficial layer of your teeth!
Yes, this is very correct! Most people just scrub away at their teeth without a specific direction and this can remove the hard outer layer called as the enamel. All you have to do is get a soft brush and learn how to brush using different techniques.
Myth no 3- Dental procedures are always painful!
No really! But the problem lies with patients. Most patients are so worried about the treatment that they refuse to go to the dentist when the problem is treatable. This result in the problem increasing beyond a certain limit and then the treatment can turn out to be mildly painful because of patient negligence. Its best to get your teeth checked every six months to catch such problems before they become difficult to treat.