22 Nov

New craze sees patients splashing out on diamonds for the ultimate Hollywood smile

shutterstock_51265291A new craze is sweeping the US, as Hollywood stars debut diamond-encrusted smiles on the red carpet.
Beverley Hills dentist, Dr Anjali Rajpal, said that there has been a massive increase in the number of patients seeking blingy smiles after pictures of stars like Katy Perry and Pink showing off sparkling smiles emerged in the press. Not content with a bright white glow synonymous with La La Land, stars are going even further to outshine the competition by having diamonds placed onto the teeth. Styles range from single diamonds to jewel-encrusted grills, according to Dr Rajpal.
Dr Rajpal, who treats a number of celebrity clients, said that demand has soared after images of stars appeared in the media. She explained that it is possible to create a raft of different designs using diamonds or crystals to create shapes, such as hearts and stars. The Chanel logo has also proven a popular choice. Once they have been placed, the diamonds can last a lifetime, but as trends come and go, most dentists expect their clients to return and have the gems removed after a fairly short period of time.
Dr Rajpal said that people are increasingly keen to show off a unique look and the standard Hollywood smile simply doesn’t cut it anymore for some stars. The cost of a single diamond is estimated at around $1,500 to $2,000. The exact cost depends on the size of the diamond and the carat.