10 Jan

New Dentaid study suggests children in Malawi have better standard of dental health than UK kids

A new study conducted by the UK-based charity, Dentaid, suggests that children in Malawi have better standards of oral health than kids in the UK.
According to researchers at Dentaid, the number of cases of children suffering from serious dental problems is higher in the UK than Malawi.
Chief executive officer at Dentaid, Andrew Evans commented to the press that he has heard dentists who volunteer for the charity saying that the situation is worse here in the UK than it is in Malawi, a country which benefits from Dentaid projects.
According to the charity, many children in the UK are struggling to go about their day to day life due to dental pain and statistics show that 160 children are having teeth extracted under general anaesthetic every day in England.
Despite the research, figures from National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed that standards of oral hygiene are incredibly poor in Malawi and dental issues are among the most common reasons for hospital admission. Part of the problem is that education is lacking and there are very few dentists in relation to the number of patients.