18 Jul

New research suggests parents allow children to consume up to 5 times more sugar during the holidays

New research suggests that parents will allow their children to consume up to five times more sugar than normal during the summer holidays.
A poll has revealed that parents in the UK adopt a much more lenient stance when it comes to diet and nutrition in the holidays. The survey, which involved around 1,000 parents of children aged between 2 and 17 years old revealed a worrying trend that sees parents enabling children to increase their daily sugar intake considerably over the holiday period.
The research, which was conducted by mydentist, revealed that fizzy drinks and ice creams were the worst offenders in the long summer break. The findings of the study are even more alarming given that two-thirds of parents admitted that they wouldn’t take the opportunity to book a dental check for their kids in the next eight weeks. Just 1 in 10 parents said that their child would eat more vegetables during the holidays.
Mydentist clinical director, Nyree Whitley, said that the summer holidays are an excellent time to book dental checks for kids, especially as most consume more sugar than normal. NHS dental care is available free of charge for children, and routine checks can help to reduce the risk of dental decay significantly.
Sugar consumption is one of the potential risk factors for decay, the most common preventable childhood illness and the reason most children are admitted for hospital treatment.
In light of the findings, dentists are urging parents to moderate sugar intake, especially between meals, and to make use of the time away from the classroom to schedule a dental check-up. Most dentists recommend checks every 6 months for children aged 12 months or older.