21 Aug

New thinking on teeth straightening: Invisalign ‘clear’ braces from City of London dentists

For generations of teenagers, the thought of being able to wear a brace to correct their crooked teeth that was see-through, seemed too good to be trued. And it was too good to be true until the advent of Invisalign. Invisalign truly represents a new way of carrying out the vital procedure of teeth straightening. If you are interested in having it done, you should ask your dentist in the City of London for more information about this revolutionary product.
The most immediate different between Invisalign and the traditional metal brace is that Invisalign is far more discreet. In fact it is virtually invisible. Made from a clear, plastic material that fits over your teeth in a similar manner to a mouth guard, Invisalign is barely noticeable in the mouth of the wearer. This is in stark contrast to the visual effect of a mouth full of metal that is an unfortunate side effect of wearing a traditional brace.
The clear plastic material is made by your dentist in such a way that it will gently move your teeth into a better series of positions so that your teeth are more aligned with one another. Once one Invisalign brace has done its work, your dentist will simply discard it and make another one that continues the work by moving the teeth a little further.
Invisalign braces are completely removable too although they need to be worn for twenty two hours a day. The contrast in self confidence between someone who wears the discreet Invisalign and someone who is living with their crooked smile is obvious. Don’t delay getting your teeth straightened; talk to your dentist at the next opportunity.