28 Jun

Newer innovations for the savvy London dentist!

As dentistry gets more and more high tech, it’s not sufficient to just be updated with the newer and better appliances which are in the market. London consumers have become much more aware of what quality dental care entails and you have to make sure your practice is better and modernized regularly. A few of the newer and better inventions to hit the market include,
1. MagnaVu promoted by Magnified Video Dentistry. A really great innovation which houses a microscope, an intra oral camera, a digital camera, as well as a monitor in the same mounted appliance. Really great for the posture but a little on the expensive side.
2. The latest in intra oral cameras for those who like to record their work as well as for clinical presentations is Imagin Hot Rod which is really detailed with the best image value and the most versions which can fit into any operatory. You can choose from the desk mount, as well as a whole variety of hand pieces for best quality intra oral, and full face pictures. You even get optional memory cartridges with the camera.
3. DentForms are really great optional software for completely paper less practices. Most Practice management software’s require paper work to be scanned into the system but this manages to bridge the problem with a really great inexpensive signature pad by which you can digitally record signatures and store the documents into your software on your computer.