20 Sep

No more loose dentures with mini-implants from City of London dentist

You may have already have heard or be familiar with the potential of dental implants when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These small titanium screws are anchored directly into the bone tissue of the jaw, like real tooth roots. When they have fused with the tissue around them they are set very firm and the perfect stable base for an artificial tooth.
Dental implants have become very popular over the last ten years because they offer a genuine alternative to real teeth. Dentists then started to use implants for other kinds of dental benefits. Using a series of smaller implants positioned at intervals around the arc of the jaw, dentists realised that they could also work as the perfect way to keep dentures in place.
A set of five mini-implants could clip onto dentures, holding them firmly in place without the need for sticky and often messy denture adhesives. This was a huge relief to some patients who had been living their lives with the anxiety that their dentures were going to fall out. Loose dentures are a big problem for wearers, so having a genuine solution came as a huge bonus.
You don’t even need to have a new set of dentures. Your current set of dentures can simply be modified to have clips that can attach to the new mini-implants. The dentures can then be easily placed in the mouth and removed with minimum fuss. The implants are so sturdy that many foodstuffs previously off-limits to denture wearers are now a real possibility. To find out more about mini-implants, speak to your City of London dentist.