16 Mar

No More Metal Look- London Dentists offer Invisalign Treatment

I recalled my buddy saying that it’s never too late for anyone to look best!I am 15-year-old lad that had problems of crooked teeth, spaces between the teeth and teeth that stick out. My jaw function also was not proper and there was excessive wearing of teeth. Needless to say they hamper my confidence and I am always isolated. We stay in suburbs of Glasgow and my parents took me to a dentist there who offered me a metal brace. He reassured me and my parents of appropriately-shaped teeth 1 year later. But this did not help solve my confidence problem. My peers started teasing me even worse. They constantly made fun of me calling me METAL MOUTH.
My parents pooled up money and took me to a London dentist that offered tooth colored brackets. The dental experts there concentrated not only on straightening the teeth but also on achieving the harmony for my teeth, jaws as well as face.
They offered us three latest techniques to choose in orthodontics; the tooth-colored brackets, the Invisalign and the treatment with invisible lingual appliances.
We chose to go with Invisalign, which simply mean invisible alignment. Per the experts there, it is a new and revolutionary way to straighten crooked teeth without using any wires. This method uses a series of aligners that are transparent, clear and plastic and fit on to the teeth precisely as a mouth guard. The best part is that they are almost invisible. They can be easily doffed for flossing and brushing. The doctors also told the speech during initial days could be slurred but will become alright soon. They told that I need these for 10 months time.
Truly, the first week was horrible with bad speech but now I have gotten 6 months with them and feel great. I now thank Invisalign that make me smile like you all do. The smile and self esteem are worth the cost say my parents.