18 Jul

Obtain a Mouth Guard from a City of London Dentist

A mouth guard or a mouth protector is a covering worn over the teeth and gums to prevent and protect it from any kind of injury. Mouth guards are mainly used for three different reasons; protection from injury in contact sports like boxing, as treatment for bruxism and during dental procedures like tooth whitening.
There are different types of mouth guards that are available in the market. Get the advice of a dentist to find out which one suits your purpose best. The three main categories of mouth guards are;
• Stock or ready made mouth protectors – Like the name suggests, these are ready-made and inexpensive and can be purchased at any sports goods stores or departmental stores. Since they are already preformed, it is difficult to obtain one to give you a perfect fit. Most of them are bulky and give you breathing and talking difficulties. Most dentists do not advise the use of these.
• Boil and bite or mouth adapted protectors – These are also available at sporting goods outlets and give a better fit and thereby better protection than the ready-made ones. Thermoplastic material is used to make these guards. After purchasing, the mouth protector is kept in hot water to soften a bit. Once softened, place it in your mouth and shape it around your teeth using your tongue and fingers.
• Custom made mouth guards – These come highly recommended since they are custom made for your teeth based on instructions from your dentist. Though expensive, these provide the best fit and protection and are mostly used by professional sportsmen.
Mouth guards have been made compulsory by most schools for sporting events which has greatly reduced the number of mouth injuries especially in children.